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It’s not just about visitation.  

It’s about friendship

It’s about community.

The Sunshine Club is a unique volunteer program designed to bring cheer and companionship into the lives of our seniors.  
A mutual gift indeed.
The Sunshine Club hosts monthly and seasonal programs for seniors throughout the Downtown core. Judaic programs include festive celebrations in conjunction with all of the major Jewish holidays, monthly classes and lectures, school plays and choral performances. Seniors living on their own or in smaller residential care centers are invited to participate in these special programs and events as well.    
Upcoming events
Jul. 19, 2018
Ever wished to study the whole Torah, from beginning to end? Ever wondered about some of the biblical stories of the Torah "what exactly happened?"
Well, if the answer to any of the above ...
Jul. 21, 2018
Jul. 21, 2018
Jul. 21, 2018