• Rashi: Simple yet Genius!A new course exploring the novel approach to Rashi’s methodology on the Torah, as introduced by the Rebbe.
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  • New Women's Course: One Wow Moment Read more
  • New Talmud CourseThe Tuesdays series offer a full array of courses on Talmud. Each class is designed to be both intellectually stimulating and highly accessible. Please click here for the current series. Read more
  • Shabbat ServicesA community that prays together stays together. Join us for Shabbat morning services, Torah reading, and of course a delicious kiddush. Read More
  • Welcome to the Jewish AcademyA highly professional and innovative education program designed to deliver top quality education for adults of all backgrounds. Read More
  • Tourist InfoNeed a place to pray on Shabbat? Where to find Kosher food? Where to stay? We can help you with all your Jewish needs. Read More
  • 11 Facts About Counting the Israelites in the DesertDo you know how many times the Israelites were counted in the desert? Read More
  • Angels and Signs“Yisrael! We have good news and bad news. Bad news: we’re way out of our four-block radius. Good new... Read More

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