Do you have a Birthday, Yartzeit, Anniversary? Share your occasion with your family and friends at shul!

Kiddush Sponsorship: $200.00


Shabbat June 3 - Sponsored by David and Leah Cutler
Shabbat June 10 - Sponsored by Boris Kuznets
Shabbat July 8 - Sponsored by Alvin and Anna Silverstein
Shabbat July 15 - Sponsored by Arielle Wolfson
Shabbat July 22 - Sponsored by Avi Shekhtman
Shabbat August 18 - Sponsored by Eli Gignac 
Shabbat October 14 - Sponsored by Daniel Masri


Shabbat March 9 - Sponsored by Sam Axelrod
Shabbat March 16 - Sponsored by Alex Polotsky

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In Memory of 
In memory of a deceased family member or friend.  
In Honour of
In honour of someone or to celebrate a joyous occasion.

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