Dear friend,

As you may know, Chabad of Downtown Vancouver is dedicated to serving every Jew with Ahavat Israel and unconditional love, regardless of religious background, affiliation or financial status.

Since our inception in July 2005, we have been involved in serving the needs of the estimated 3000 residents of the Downtown Jewish community and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Slowly but surely, one program at a time and one person at a time, we managed to reach 1,000 people and touch hundreds of lives. Today, Downtown Vancouver boasts a vibrant and growing Jewish community.

As you may know, we are an independent non-profit organization. All of our funding comes from generous supporters and is returned to the community through our various programs and activities. 

The Partnership initiative is an opportunity for community members to become our partner in supporting the financial needs of Chabad of Downtown which we are all part of and which is thank G‑d growing.

As of today, dozens of people have joined the Partnership club to help ensure the financial stability of our community. Their contributions have taken us to where we are today.

Today, we encourage you to join the Partnership club with a tax-deductible monthly/yearly contribution.

To join, simply fill out the secure online form below, or print, fill out and mail the form back to our office.

Thank you for being our partner!


Rabbi Binyomin & Malky Bitton 


Partnership Form

Yes! I would love to join the Partnership club and become a monthly partner!


Please check the option of your choice:

In our effort to be inclusive for all income levels, partnership opportunities have been designed within a wide range.

All partnership opportunities can be made in one instalment or in 12 monthly instalments.

Founders Partnership: $1,000 Monthly ($12,000 Annually)

Gold Partnership: $500 Monthly ($6,000 Annually) 

Double Chai Partnership: $300 Monthly ($3,600 Annually)

Chai Partnership: $150 Monthly ($1,800 Annually) 

Silver Partnership: $100 Monthly ($1,200 Annually) 

Associate Partnership: $50 Monthly ($600 Annually)

Partner Partnership: $36 Monthly ($432 Annually) 

Payment Information:

I wish to pay in one annual instalment
I wish to pay in 12 monthly instalments 

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I would like to be charged on the 1st 15th of each month. 

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Please make check your check payable to Chabad of Downtown and mail to:

Chabad of Downtown 
633 Prior Street 
Vancouver BC  V6A 2G7

A receipt for income tax will be mailed to you shortly.