Gather in the park for a moment of noise.  
We've been blowing the Shofar, a simple hollowed out ram’s horn, for thousands of years in celebration of Rosh Hashana, or the Head of the Year – also known as the birthday of humanity.

This September 17th, return to a simpler, more essential state, together with fellow Vancouverites. Hear the stirring, unadulterated blasts of the Shofar as we reflect on our collective birthday. And walk away with a message that you were carrying all along.
Shofar in the Park will happen once: It won’t be broadcasted, rebroadcasted, or podcasted.
In fact, according to ancient prescription, one must hear the blasts directly from the Shofar itself. No medium will do – not a microphone, not CBC, not even a slight echo. It's a "you-had-to-be-there" kind of a moment.
Though the messages to be heard in the Shofar’s notes are as numerous as there are people, here’s just one: Don’t live your life vicariously through others, carrying their opinions and mimicking popular beliefs. Like the Shofar blast, live your life first-hand and be an original.
The event is as green as they come – even noise pollution will be at a minimum, as the shofar blowing is an opportune time for silent reflection.
Shofar and so close.

Enter from Pacific and Drake streets in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver. Raise the profile of unity by joining others and coming together. Gather your family, bring your friends, and enlist your local book club or Hockey league. We will gather on the sea wall, just south of the large green field and playground.