SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2015 
The home of Rabbi and Mrs. Bitton, 633 Prior Street, Vancouver
778.688.1273 / [email protected]



11:59 pm

Lessons and inspiration
from the tablets of stone

The Ten Commandments is the most
famous set of laws in human history. It has influenced many religions and legal systems and inspired untold millions. The two stone tablets—the medium upon which the commandments were engraved—are also the subject of study and a source of inspiration. We will scrutinize the shape of the tablets, its container (the Ark), and the format of the commandments to derive important lessons that pertain to our mission in life, familial relationships, and the intersection of our spiritual aspirations with our
social behavior.

1:00 am

A project of the
Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

Exploring fascinating Talmudic passages
about the revelation at Sinai

What is the significance of the numeric theme—three—of the holiday of Shavuot? Why did G‑d have to threaten the Jews: "Accept the Torah or I will drop a mountain on your heads!"? Were the Jews acting impulsively when they accepted the Torah without question? We will learn about these topics and more, as we experience an authentic session of Talmudic study. We will study a page of Talmud along with some of its basic commentaries, as it discusses and shares insight into the events that surrounded the Sinaitic revelation.