New Talmud Course: The Acquisition Process

This Talmud course is an in-depth analysis of the various methods of acquisition used for real estate property – as discussed in the third chapter of tractate Bava Batra.

The Crafstman Challenge – May 19th
Principles of Chazakah related to Craftsmen

Transfer of Ownership – June 2nd
Principles of Kinyan related to Real Estate

Lock, Fence or Relax – June 9th
Exploring the Various Methods of Acquisition

Instructor: Rabbi Binyomin Bitton

Thursdays, 7:15-8:15 pm
The Jewish Academy
1260 Howe Street

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton is the founder and Dean of the Jewish Academy. His Talmud lectures recently went virtual on Jewish.TV, the largest's Jewish video and audio site, to's 1.8 million unique monthly visitors.